I don't have anything planned this summer besides work and school so I will tell you what I have planned for work. There are a bunch of projects I have going on but one big project is installing a new 26 camera digital surveillance system at our High School. Another big project is adding 5 computer labs to the school district.

First, I will go into a little detail about the new video surveillance system. Like I mentioned earlier we are installing 26 new cameras. These cameras are new network based cameras that are powered by POE and the resolution is 720p. A lot of the work will be pulling out the old fifteen year system and running cable to the new camera locations. One key concept we will have to keep in mind is since these are network cameras each cable run must be under the 300ft limit. The server we are installing is made by Dell and it will have 9TB of storage. This will be quite the learning experience getting everything setup how we want it.

Next, I want to talk about the computer labs we are trying to add this summer. The plan is to add 2 computer labs to our new Middle School. In these labs we have ordered new furniture and we are planning on installing wireless network cards in the computers as opposed to running CAT6 network cable to each location. While I believe that wired labs are better we are sticking with wireless because these labs may be temporary. We are using spare classrooms that may need to be reclaimed at some point. We are hoping to get used Core2Duo computers from state surplus and other sources because we can't afford to buy new machines at this time. This can be one of the hardest parts is trying to track down available equipment.

We are also trying to add two additional labs in our Intermediate School building in Lithopolis. These two labs will be going into a spare modular building that was created when our 5th grade students moved into the new middle school. In these two labs, the current plan, is to run CAT6 to each of the computer locations and have a central rack between the two labs where everything will be terminated. Again we are looking for used machines for these two labs. We are also trying to find used furniture for these two labs as well.

Finally, we are also trying to add a bunch of computers to a couple smaller rooms on the second floor of the High School. These labs will primarily be for the English departments but other departments will be able to use them if they are open. We are hoping to fit close to 30 computers in these two rooms. In these labs we are also looking for used furniture and computers. Unlike the Middle School labs these rooms will be wired as well. One push for adding more computer labs is the anticipation of online testing in the upcoming school years. We did a test with most of our 9th grade and 10th grade students this year doing end of the course exams online and it went really well.

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