Hereon into this page, I will compare and contrast the different offerings of Verizon, AT&T, and Time Warner Cable for landline ISP services. For upstream and downstream, the average ratio seemed to be 1 Mbps down per .6 Mbps upstream, and will be assumed to be the default value unless radically different. Lastly, dollar values of .99 will be rounded up to 1, and bundles/promotional events will be ignored.


The first ISP up for analysis is Verizon, its offerings are as such:

Basic - $75/15 Mbps - .2 Mbps/USD
FiOS 1 - $85/50 Mbps - .59 Mbps/USD
FiOS 2 - $95/75 Mbps - .79 Mbps/USD

With only three plans, the number of choices are limited, with Basic starting at 1 Mbps/USD. However, each increase in tier grants a significant increase in bandwidth per USD allowed, with the first upgrade giving 3.5 Mbps/USD past that, and the second granting 2.5 Mbps/USD past that. With that in mind, the Basic package seems to be sub-par, the FiOS 1 package is average, while the FiOS 2 is the fastest out of all ISPs, yet not as efficient in terms of bandwidth per USD.

Recommended: FiOS 2


The second ISP's, AT&T's, offerings are:

Pro - $38/3 Mbps - .08 Mbps/USD
Elite - $43/6 Mbps - .14 Mbps/USD
Max - $48/12 Mbps - .25 Mbps/USD
Max Plus - $53/18 Mbps - .34 Mbps/USD
Max Turbo - $63/24Mbps - .38 Mbps/USD

While offering up five plans allows for more flexibility in service selection, all of the plans pale in comparison to the other two providers, only beating out Verizon's Basic plan in terms of bandwidth per USD. However, in terms of itself, the upgrade from each previous tier starting on/with Pro is .1 Mbps/.6 Mbps/1.2 Mbps/1.2 Mbps/.6 Mbps respectively.

Recommended: Max or Max Plus

Time Warner Cable

And finally, Time Warner Cable, the third ISP, offers:

Basic - $20/3 Mbps - .15 Mbps/USD
Standard - $30/10 Mbps - .33 Mbps/USD
Turbo - $50/20 Mbps - .4 Mbps/USD
Extreme - $60/30 Mbps - .5 Mbps/USD
Ultimate - $80/50 MBps - .625 Mbps/USD

Time Warner Cables manages to offer up a wider selection of plans while barely sacrificing price efficiency, and only losing to Verizon on the highest tier. Its own upgrade rate compared to itself, starting from Basic, is .15Mbps/.7 Mbps/.5 Mbps/1 Mbps/1 Mbps.

Recommended: Standard or Ultimate

Final Recommendations: Time Warner Cable Standard (for Economy) or Verizon FiOS 2 (for Speed/Efficiency)

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