Hello, my name is James Cable. This class is turning out harder than I thought it would be. Coupled with the power outage, I am way behind on the assignments.Between a full-time job, raising two children, and going to school I keep myself very busy. I have worked for Lowe's for two years as a department manager for various departments. I am currently overseeing the delivery department. I hope to finish up my associate's degree this fall at OU-L. Going part-time makes for a long journey getting my degree. I enjoy school and all my classes. Some prove harder than others, but in the end it is well worth it. I apply what I learn in school to my current job in the retail environment. Outside of work and school, I like to hike with my boys. Watching television and movies is also a favorite pastime. As a family we plan on taking our first out of state vacation at the end of this month. It will be enjoyable just getting away for a while. Along with having two boys, our family has two dogs. There are times when the house is not big enough. Visit W3Schools

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