Options for Small Business Hosting
Hosting service Starting Price lowest plan Disk Space lowest plan Data Transfer lowest plan Key Features lowest plan
Yahoo Starts at 3.24 for first 3 months 4.99 after. 100GB 1,000/month Features include Control panel, photo and video gallery, 250 emails, and many others
Inmotionhosting Starts at 5.99/month. unlimited unlimited/month Features include Control panel, Website builder, and many others.

Yahoo webhosting for small business for the first 3 months is considerably discounted. Yahoo webhosting offers 3 levels: Basic 3.24(4.99 after 3 months), Advanced 5.19 (7.99 after 3 months), and Premier 7.79 (11.99 after 3 months. .

Inmotion webhosting offers 3 plans: Launch 5.99,Power 7.99,Pro 13.99.

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