What is Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying happens when a person or group of people email, text, web chat or use any other electronic means to intimidate another person. Cyberbullying is not just limited to text, it can include photos, videos, website or even fake profiles setup on social media sites.

Definition of cyberbullying adapted from Stopbullying.gov

CyberBully Cyberbullying

Ways Cyberbullying Shapes the Internet

Cyberbullying is shaping the internet in many ways. What was once a place where people could feel safe is becoming very unsafe. The effects of cyberbullying on the net are becoming apparent in social media. When a picture is posted or shared it can become very hard to remove from the internet. Also there is a lot of concern over suicide rates in kids who have been victims of cyberbullying. The difficultly in removing pictures, videos or other forms of cyberbullying materials can make the embarrassment very long term. As an online game player I see online bullying on an almost daily basis. People constantly yelling at people over a headset or in a public chat inside a game is rampant. As something that comes in many forms cyberbullying is very hard to avoid on the internet and can greatly impact someone's internet experience.

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