I am very interested in video games. My wife and I play video games anytime we have spare time. I actually met my wife on an online video game called Final fantasy 11. We played that particular game for about 10 years!

I hope to learn how to make websites so I can offer guides and reviews to other players. I feel there is a slight lack of good website for games in general. Most seem to lean toward the big developers and tend give them fluffed up reviews.

Other games I like to play include Zelda series, pokemon series, or even some sports games. I usually prefer offline RPG or most MMO games (Massively Multiplayer online games). I also enjoy older survival horror games such as Resident evil, and Silent Hill. There is no reason to not play most games, I can even find the good in the worst games out there and most are relatively creative in their own rights. One game i am looking forward to is Final Fantasy 14.

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