A. Semiconductor Research and Quantum Electronics Laboratory


A variety of spectroscopic instrumentation and fabrication tools represent the core of the research capabilities of the Semiconductor Research and Quantum Electronics Laboratory in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Ohio University directed by W. M. Jadwisienczak. Our knowledgeable personnel is extensively trained in equipment operation, method development and applications. The table below displays detailed equipment description and specifications


Excitation Light Sources

-Continuum Sunlite lasers system: Powerlite 8000-Nd-YAG laser with energy 1200 mJ to pump the Sunlite OPO system. The optical parametric oscillator (OPOs) tunable laser (220-1800 nm range).

-Argon Ion Laser Stabilite 2017 (5W, cw)

-Kimmon Electric He-Cd laser Model IK3202RD (25 mW, cw)

-Scanning Dye Laser Coherent 599

-Titanium: Sapphire cw tunable laser SP-3900 (680 nm -1100 nm range)

-Laser Photonics Nitrogen Laser (2 MW) with tunable day laser amplifier system

-PTI Frequency Doubler Model GL-303 fro 205-400 nm

-Several HeNe and IR semiconductor lasers

-Hg, Xe high pressure lamps, and variety of spectral lamps

-Laser wavelengths’ meter-Burleigh model WA-2000S

-Laser Power Controller Cambridge Research Ins., Model LPENIR

-Laser profile meter Spiricon, Model SILP-256-025

-Newport Power/Energy Meters, Models 1825-C, 1815-C and Molectron PM500A Power Meter 

-Variety of lased diodes operating in 400 nm-1560 nm spectral range, laser diode mounts, laser diode precision current source and laser diode thermoelectric temperature controllers


Electron Excitation Sources

-Staib Instruments, Inc. Electron Gun EK-20-R, (500 eV - 20 keV range) with a beam blanker (repetition rate: DC to 1 MHz)

-VSW Electron Gun EG5 (100 eV-5 keV range)


Light Dispersion/Detection Systems

-Princeton Instruments CCD Camera Model TEA/CCD- 512-TKBM1

-Princeton Instruments PI-MAX Intensified CCD Camera with 5ns time resolution

-Apogee Instruments CCD Camera Model SPH1

-Photodetectors: variety of  PMT’s (200 - 1100 nm range); Ge-Northcost detectors EO-  817S/P/L  New England (800 -1700 nm range)

-Pacific Silicon Sensor Detector AD1100-8 APD with APD50 Module

-Ocean Optics USB2000 and SD1000 Fiber Optic Spectrometers (200 – 1000 nm range)

-Jarrell Ash High Resolution l Meter monochromator

-Digikrom Double 1/8 Meter Monochromator Model 112

-Digikrom Single 1/8 Meter Monochromator Model 110

-Digikrom Double ¼ Meter Monochromator Model 242

-Digikrom ¼ Meter Spectrograph/Monochromator Model 240

-ISA Instruments 0.32 Meter Spectrograph Model HR320

-Acton Research 0.3 Meter Spectrograph Model SpectraPro 300i with fiber bundle option

-System for absolute irradiance and color measurement with integrating sphere Model ISQ-060-RS

-Oriel Monochromator Model 7240

-Digital Lock -in- amplifier SR830 with preamplifiers


Time-resolved UV-VIS Spectroscopy and Kinetics

-SRS SR-400 Dual Channel Gated Photon Counter

-SRS Gated Integrator and Boxcar-Averager Model SR-250

-Turbo-MCS EG&G Ortec for PL, CL and EL kinetics study

-Time correlated single photon counting system TCSPC with 10 ps resolution

-Time resolved spectroscopy system TRS with multichannel analyzer

-A PAR 1140A single photon counting system


Temperature Dependent Measurements

-Oxford Instrument variable temperature optical cryostat with electronic temperature controller (l.6 - 300 K range)

-Closed Cycles Cryogenic Refrigerator System Model LTS 22‑1 (8 ‑320 K range)

-Closed Cycles APD Cryogenic Refrigerator Model HC-2 (6-330 K range)

-LakeShare Temperature Controller Model 330 and Palm Beach Cryophysics Temperature Controller Model4075


Polarization Spectroscopy

-The spectra’s polarimeter for measurements a luminescence circular and linear polarization (400 – 900 nm)

-Acousto-optic deflector system with visible and UV optics


Electrical Characterization

-HP RF network analyzer and electrical device characterization upto 12.4GHz.

-HP4145B DC parameter analyzer (77-300K)

-HP4274A Impedance (RCL) Analyzer upto 100k Hz

-HP4140B Quasistatic C-V analyzer and picoamp SMU.

-Electrometer/High Resistance Meter, Keithley Model 6517A

-Various types of single and dual power supplies, amplifiers & pulse generators


Electro-Optical Device Fabrication

-RF sputtering system with three targets

-Three pocket 6 kW electron gun evaporation system and conventional thermal evaporation apparatus

-Reactive Ion Etcher March CS-1701 (compact RIE for metal/insulator/Si etch process)

-Inductively Coupled Plasma Etcher Axic Benchmark 800 (compact ICP Etcher for C4F8/SF6 based etches, Bosch process)

-Speedline technologies Spin Coater Model P6204

-Wire bonding system West-Bond Model 7400C Series

-Tamarac Scientific Mask Aligner Model 162

-KarlSuss Mask Aligner Model BJB3

-Sloan DekTak IIA Surface Profiler


Sample Manipulation

-Precision Translation Stages with <30 nm resolution and Intelligent Picomotor Control Modules, New Focus, Model 9066


B. Chemical & Material Processing Laboratory

Dr. Jadwisienczak’s group has a synthesis and sample preparation chemical laboratory that occupies approximately 150 sq. ft.  This lab contains a fume hood, sink, benches, an inert atmosphere glovebox, and gas and water institutions. This laboratory is typically used for sample preparation and processing and is equipped with ultrasonic bath, microprocessor controlled resistive furnace operating up to 1200 °C, several small resistive furnaces and system for spray pyrolysis deposition.


C. Other Equipment

Equipment list in Clippinger Laboratory available for joint use for PIs through collaborative agreement:

-Molecular beam epitaxy / scanning tunneling microscopy system

-Low temperature scanning tunneling microscope for atomic manipulation

-Optical microlithography (Karl Suss MJB3)

-Electron beam lithography (JEOL JSM-840A with Nabity NPGS )

-Atomic force microscope (Park Autoprobe CP )

-Transmission electron microscope (JEOL JEM-1010)

-Scanning electron microscope / EDX (JEOL JSM-5300)

-Rigaku X-ray powder diffractometer

-Rigaku single crystal X-ray diffractometer / rotating anode

-Microcantilever / optical microscope for bioadhesion measurements

-Reactive ion etching system (Technics Micro RIE)

-Electron beam evaporation deposition system (four crucible Cooke )

-Thermal evaporation deposition system (Edwards)

-Sputtering deposition system (Denton Vacuum)