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Hello everyone, my name is Jennifer Andrews and this is my fifth quarter/semester with the online Bachelor completion program. I graduated from Hocking College in 2009 with an Associate's degree in Wildlife Management. Due to the lack of jobs in my field at this time, I decided to go back to school to further my education. I love the outdoors and I can't see myself doing anything else, so I'm not giving up yet. I'm hoping that once I get this degree I will be able to get a job with Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR), or apply out of state for another DNR program. I was able to work a seasonal for the ODNR and loved every minute of it. With the completion of my degree I hope to be working outdoors all the time. Currently I am an Aide at an Assisted Living Home. Working there I have encountered working with elder residents with different ranges of disabilities that affect us as we get older. These residents count on us to help them with some of the simplest of tasks. With work and school I have only been taking a couple classes each semester, but this keeps me plenty busy. After this semester I will only have one class left, so I will be done by December. In my free time I love doing outdoor activities with my family -going camping, fishing, hunting and shooting trap. Best of luck to everyone this semester!


One of my interests and favorite things to do is to go to tractor pulls with my friends and family. I love the diesel trucks, big farm tractors, and anything else that blows black smoke! I always look forward to summer time because that means fair season. I started getting into tractor pulls about eight years ago when I had an ex who use to pull a big farm tractor; after that I was hooked. This past year my best friend Jessica was getting married and we decided to have her bachelorette party up at the Bowling Green National Tractor Pulls. It's a three day event; Friday, Saturday and Sunday, that has pullers from all over the country coming to compete for the title of National Champion. It was a great girls weekend and every country girls dream to spend your bachelorette party at the pulls. It was only three of us who ended up going: the Bride, my sister and myself. We had a blast and we can't wait to go back agian.

My second favorite interests would be a love for the outdoors. I am one of many generations of my family who have been hunting and who's fathers shared this interest with their children. When I was in the 6th grade my parents signed me up to go through a Hunter Education Camp. I had been out with my Father before just to sit with him and watch what hunting is all about, but I was ready to get my licsense and to start hunting myself. Ever since then I have loved being out in the great outdoors and taking part in one of Americas greatest past times. Nothing is more relaxing than sitting outside against a big Oak tree with the birds chirping and the waters trickling down the creek beside you. It's better than any spa day. I took this love for the outdoors even further when I decided to pursue a career in Wildlife Management. I help continue this tradition for the love of the outdoors and I now help teach at a Hunter Education camp every summer for kids. I hope to someday soon reach my goal and to get a job with the ODNR and to have a job that I love and to be able to work outdoors everyday.

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