Bowling Green 2012

One of my all time favorite summer and fall activities is to go the truck and tractor pulls with my friends. We go to all of the small local county fairs and some of the bigger county fairs around Ohio. It's something that we are all interested in and something that we all love to watch. The pulls are usually on Friday or Saturday and they are usually held in the evenings. There are several different classes of trucks and tractors; such as modifieds, farm and garden, super stock, mini modifieds and semis. Of course our favorites are the ones that blow black smoke. We love tractor pulls so much that for my friend Jessica's bachelorette party we decided to go up to the National Pulls in Bowling Green, Ohio. It's a three day event with hundreds of different trucks and tractors pulling all weekend long. We had a blast and were going to make it a tradition to go back each year whenever one of us gets married. Whether it's a big pull or a small pull, as long as I'm hanging out with my close friends it's always a good time.

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