My Favorite Place

It all started when I was young. I was in Junior High and my parents took me to Bristol Motor Speedway for the first time. We only went to watch practice on Friday night but I thought it was the coolest thing. My parents had went to the Bristol race for years and I was never old enough to go along, but they always told me how much fun they had when they went. I knew that one day I wanted to go to Bristol and watch a race in person. After that one year of going just to watch practice I was hooked. For the past ten years we as a family have went to Bristol for the spring race in March. It's a great weekend filled with so many exciting events. From sitting in the stands along side of thousands of other fans, to meeting the drivers and getting autographs and even seeing a little bump drafting between the drivers. I'm not much for watching the races on T.V. but being there in person is such a different experience especially at Bristol. It's Bristol Baby!

It's Bristol Baby

Bristol Fans

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