Summer Plans: When I think of my summer plans I usually don't think of myself sitting in front of a computer for hours working on homework, but with only being three classes away from graduation I decided to take summer classes and get a little bit closer to being done. For my summer plans when I'm not working on school stuff I would love to be lying out by the pool catching some sun and swimming around to keep cool from the summer heat. Of course between work and school my schedule keeps pretty busy, so whatever amount of free time I can get I'll take it.

Swimming: As a kid I have always loved swimming. My grandparents had an in ground pool and I could swim for hours. I learned to swim up at that pool; my grandpa taught all of us grandkids how to swim. It was hard for them to get me out of the water once I jumped in. It would usually be my sister and I along with all my cousins swimming on the weekends or at cookouts and we always had a blast. They have recently decided to sell their home and move into a smaller house. It makes me look back and think of all the great memories we used to have in that pool.

Laying out and relaxing: My sister and I love to layout and catch some sun. For some reason she always ends up with a better tan than I do; of course she never lets me live it down. We usually get us a big glass of ice water and grab the tanning lotion and stretch out our towels and relax. If we can pick up a radio station we'll have some music going to listen to, and when it gets too hot we might jump in the pool and cool off or we keep a spray bottle next to us to spray ourselves. It's just fun to spend time with my sister and hangout.

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