Books that I enjoy

Things to do outside.......* Camping * Fishing * Hunting * Swimming * Hiking * Pinic * Gardeing * Rock Climbing * Canoeing * Bicycling * Exploring *........ Get outside and start having fun!

I have never really been one to sit on a couch all curled up with my noes stuck in a book. Ever since I can remember I've always liked to rather be outside and getting into something. Growing up we would all stay at my Grandparents for a week out of the summer. My sister and I always wanted to go outside and play and go exploring, doing what kids do. My cousins never left the house, they were ones that were content just to stay inside all day and read book after book. I'm not saying that books are bad that's not my point at all. I've always tried to get into a good book that someone has referred to me. I always start reading them but I can never finish them. I guess that's why I am the way I am today. If the weathers nice and there's something to be done I'd rather be outside enjoying the sunshine.