A few good books.

The first book I was familiar with was the Bible. I am sure evryone living and breathing knows about this book. I was raised going to church and sunday school. It's safe to say I know alittle about it.

Another good book I have read is Fairfield County Remembered by Herbert M. Turner. It is a very good book if you were looking for history of the county. It covers everything from the progress through the years to trents that citizens of the county endoured.

A third book I have read and enjoyed was Eyewitness D-Day by D.M. Giangraco with Kathryn Moore. I am a history buff and I really enjoy WWII. This book has first hand accounts of daily activities from the landings at Normandy to the liberation of Paris. The book also came with an audio cd that has eyewitness interviews. If you like history and WWII check this book out.

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