Are you looking for a cheap ISP?

I have conducted a search for three local internet providers. I come to the conclusion that Verizon, ATT, and QWEST are the three biggest competitors in my area. I then narrowed my search down to who offered residental services. Thankfully the three I have mentioned offer these services. I want to figure out the speeds they offer and how much the fastest and slowest speeds are per month.

I did a search of three area Internet Service Providers. Out of all three ISP only QWEST did not provide wireless services.I found QWEST to be the cheapest of the three when it comes to residental internet. The fastest speed they offer is 40mbps for $45 a month and 1.5mbps for $15 a month. Verizon comes in second offering up to 15mbps (depending on where you are located) for $40 a month and 1mbps for $25 a month. Now last but not least ATT with a max of 24mbps for a wopping $63 a month and 3mbps for $38 a month. I currently have Verizon DSL and after my findings I might switch to QWEST.

All three ISP's offer there services with or without a phone line. This means the customer is not required to keep an active phone line to the house just to receive internet. I currently have my Verizon set up without a phone line. Finally I want to conclude that when I started my search I was a Verizon customer and with the evidence that I pointed out earlier I probably will be switching ISP's. I have nothing bad to say about Verizon there customer care has always been excellent. When it come down to "brass taxes" I am a cheap skate and always looking for the best deal.

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