My love for the outdoors.

My biggest interest would be the outdoors. I love to be outdoors. I love trees, wildlife, and just nature in general. I particularly enjoy fishing.I love to catfish. I usually just tight-line fish for them. This is where you only use weights and bait to fish on the bottom of the water.There are many types of catfish. I have included a link that shows the many different types of catfish.Types of Catfish.

The other parts of nature that interest me would be trees. I understand their part they play in the everyday functioning of the atmosphere. I am always planting and taking care of the trees around me. I spend lots of time in the woods studying the trees. I generally love trees.

The last thing I love about the outdoors would be the animals. I not only fish, but I hunt also. I really love to hunt deer. I can processes my own kill. I am very self-reliant and have been almost my entire life. I rely on the meat to feed my family. I also hunt small birds, ducks, and the occasional rabbit.

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