Summer Activities

Generally speaking, I don't do much during the summer that I can't do other times. The only real difference is that I don't have (as much) homework to do, so I have more time for recreational activities. Usually I'll play video games more than anything else, but I also enjoy reading (esp. sci-fi or fantasy) and swimming. I don't do them at the same time, of course!

In particular, I've been playing the Pokemon games a lot. Despite the series' supposed "kiddie" nature (which I blame on the TV show), the video games have enough depth, variety, and flexibility to allow even expert players to get a significant challenge, while still keeping the basics simple enough for the kids that are "supposed" to play them.

One particular feature the series is well-known for is having multiple "versions" of what is essentially the same game. While the overall experience of playing the game will be the same, some more or less minor details will be different. For example, in the original games, Red Version and Green Version, all that was different between the two was that a few species of Pokemon couldn't be found in one version or the other. However, in the most recent games, Black Version and White Version (and their direct sequels), some areas look different between versions and a few major plot points are different. An entire area is completely different as well, with Black having a large city with many trainers and White featuring a lush forest filled with wild Pokemon to catch. These different features help to encourage players to play the games with other people so they can get the full experience.

To see a table showing which Pokemon are exclusive to which of the original games, click on either Red or Green version. For a full list of differences between the newest versions, click on either Black or White version.

Pokemon Games

Pocket Monsters Green Pocket Monsters Red Pokemon Black Version Pokemon White Version

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