My Favorite Books

To start with, here's a list of series that I like:

This list is far from complete...

About The Series

Pokemon Adventures
A manga series based on the popular Pokemon games. While it is often compared to the better known anime series, Adventures portrays a more realistic take than either the games or the anime. Each plot arc is based on one of the game "generations."
Artemis Fowl
A series of eight science-fiction/fantasy novels set primarily in Ireland, focused on the interactions between twelve-year-old genius Artemis Fowl II and the Fairy People. While Artemis has vast intellect on his side, the fairies have both magic and technology decades beyond any human equivalent. While this premise is already interesting enough on it's own, the thing that made me fall in love with these books is how the characters are very real -- they feel like actual human (or fairy) beings, and the dynamics between each of the characters is brilliant. I consider this series to be a must-read; make sure to read the first one, if nothing else.
Better known as the "Eragon books," the Inheritance Cycle follows the adventures of Eragon, a teenage boy who accidentally hatches a dragon egg, making him the first Dragon Rider since the original Riders died out. I enjoy these books for a few reasons, but what comes to mind first is how magic is presented throughout the series. It has clearly defined rules and limitations, all of which make logical sense (rather than a bunch of arbitrary rules made only to keep magic from being too powerful), and the consequence for ignoring the rules is death. Because of this, while magic is still an important part of the books, so are common (medieval) weapons like swords and bows.
There's just so much to these books that I can't really explain them... Just click the link up above, and know that these are must-reads. While the books can be read in any order, they still reference each other often enough to confuse people who haven't read as many of them. My favorite is probably Thud!, but someone new to the series might want to start with either Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic, as they're the first in the series (it's a two-part story), or The Truth, because it's more recent, still early in the chronology, and introduces lots of characters that appear in many of the others.

Again, this list is far from exhaustive, but it should last anyone in need of some new books a good, long time (especially Discworld).