My Favorite Place (IRL)

My favorite place in real life is Athens, Ohio. I've lived in the town next to it, The Plains, all my life, so it's where I'm most comfortable. Also, it's convienient to be so close to Ohio University.

While I didn't realize it as a kid, Athens is a small city. As someone who's been to New York City multiple times, I really appreciate the quiet. However, while it is small, big businesses pay attention to it because it's a university town, so you don't lose out on some of the convieniences of big cities.
Despite the presence of the aforementioned big businesses, Athens has some interesting small businesses that can't be found anywhere else. For example, it has my absolute favorite pizza restauraunt ever: Avalanche Pizza.
Also, as I said earlier, it's the home of Ohio University. Being close to a really good university is never a bad thing! Here's a picture of the university that I like.
(Taken from Wikipedia; author had released it into the public domain)

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