I don't really have any big plans for the summer. The one big plan I had was to go to Utah to visit my sister and best friend. I say "had" because that's where I am as of this assignment!

We visited my sister this last week (me, my mom, and two of my nieces). While I was happy to see her again after such a long time, I was not so happy to see her kids. It didn't help that her youngest was sick and half of us caught a cold from her (including me). However, my nieces are on their way (or maybe they've arrived) at their grandparent's place, while I'm now staying at my friend's house. Mom had to stay with my sister, though.

Visiting my best friend has been interesting. Even after two years, we're still closer than brothers (if his relationship with his younger brother is anything to go by). On the other hand, two years has been long enough that I can't keep up with the changes in his life. Maybe if I had more than a week...

As I said, I don't really have any plans for when I get home. I'll probably just keep doing my homework for this class, practice with the Kendo club on campus, and play any video games that catch my eye. I might be able to set up some online games with my friend here, but that's a faint hope at best.

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