Welcome to my Website!

This site will be primarily focused on my hobby: video games. I enjoy at least one game in virtually every genre, but my favorites are usually adventure or strategy games. Also, while I enjoy games with a large world and/or sidequests, I find that I don't enjoy worlds that are too massive or games where sidequests are more important than the main gameplay.

The games I've been playing most recently are: Pokemon Blue, The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons, and Portal. In Pokemon, I've been trying to complete the game's Pokedex; I currently have caught about 90 species of Pokemon out of 151. I'm playing Oracle of Seasons in anticipation of the game's re-release for 3DS's "Virtual Console." Finally, I've been playing Portal to better understand the creator's levels before making my own on Portal 2's level creator.

My hope for a future website is that I will be able to create guides like this one for video games that have a smaller presence on the Internet. I'd also like to be able to record progress through games I'm playing and have a place to write down any ramblings I have about the subject of video games. Finally, I might start a repository of custom levels that I've made or found for games that support level creation.