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There are three areas of research in the lab currently.  First, we develop mathematical and computational models of individual neurons of the hippocampus that will be appropriate for use in network models to explore hippocampal function. The immediate focus is to develop models of CA1 pyramidal cells that describe how computation and synaptic modification occur in these cells. Work is done in collaboration with Larry Grover at Marshall University School of Medicine. Models are done on three different levels: the molecular level, the synapse level, and the neuron level. Simulations are done with NEURON, GENESIS, MCell and with code written specifically for a particular model.  Second, we develop models of vestibular bouton afferents to determine the role of morphology in their function.  These studies are done in collaboration with Ellengene Peterson and Michael Rowe.  Third, we develop computational models of zinc homeostasis in cortical neurons in collaboration with Robert Colvin.

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