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Course Description

Examination of the role of creativity and innovation in business with a particular focus on the management of the innovation process. Students will explore personal creativity, management practices that enhance or suppress creativity, the relationship between creativity and innovation, and the process of innovation in a business setting. Pre-requisite: Junior-level standing.

Course Objectives
  • developing an integrative approach to innovation, creativity and design, and understanding how these topics fit together across disciplines;
  • researching the relationship between creativity and other standard measures of success; and
  • identifying creativity tools and techniques that will help improve an organization's effectiveness

Required Text

There is no required text for the course. Instead, you will be assigned a series of readings from practitioner journals and/or popular press (details for acquiring these articles will be provided during our first class meeting). These assignments are designed to help you:

  • improve your ability to think;
  • know what it means to be creative, understand how it arises, and examine ways to manage it; and
  • understand the implementation of creativity in organizations (innovation), in part by examining creative businesses (e.g., Apple)

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