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Dr. Holbrook
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Contact Information

Office: Copeland Hall 308
Telephone: 740/593-2077
Fax: 740/593-9342
Skype ID: lenie.holbrook

Fall 2017 Schedule:
Tuesday/Thursday from 9:00-10:20 (MGT 3400 in Copeland 108)
Tuesday/Thursday from 10:30-11:50 (MGT 3400 in Copeland 108)
Fall 2017 Office Hours:
Tuesday/Thursday from 8:00-8:30
Wednesday from 8:30-11:30
Note: Teaching is a service profession. I am willing to meet at times other than formal office hours (i.e., office hours are in effect any time I am in the office). If you find that I am not in the office, please e-mail me and I will respond as quickly as I can.

Academic Background

I joined Ohio University in 2000 after three years as an Assistant Professor in the Marketing, Management, and Information Systems Department at the University of Central Arkansas. I was approved for promotion to Associate Professor (with tenure) on January 20, 2006. My academic preparation includes a Ph.D. (Business Administration) from the University of Illinois, an M.B.A. (Management) from the University of Memphis, and a B.S. (Business Administration, Computer Science) from Union University. Primary teaching responsibilities at Ohio University include undergraduate courses in Organizational Behavior and Managerial Decision Making. I also teach Introduction to Management and Creativity and Innovation.

Susan Holbrook
With Susan in Skagway, Alaska
Family Notes

I married the former Susan Smith on August 23, 1986. Like me, she grew up in Tennessee. We grew up in the same small hometown, but did not know each other (before we started dating) because she attended school in a neighboring town. After graduating from Bradford High School, Susan went to West Tennessee Business College for certification as a medical assistant. She worked in several specialties (otolaryngology, osteopathy, gastroentrology) for clinics in Tennessee, Illinois, and Arkansas. After homeschooling our son for several years, she now shuttles our son back and forth to school in Lancaster and works in the library and handling lunch accounts for Fairfield Christian Academy. She is a prolific reader.

We have one child - Adam Robert - born December 30, 1998. Like many teen-aged guys, Adam loves Star Wars (he probably knows the names of every character that exists), Snapchat, Instagram, and Minecraft. Adam is a senior at Fairfield Christian Academy in Lancaster. He runs cross country and track (4 x 800, distance). Although no longer actively involved, he can play the trombone. He finds an outlet for his musical talent by participating in choir (note: he does not get this from his father). He has served five terms as Student Council Chaplain and volunteered at Maywood Mission. He was also a delegate to Buckeye Boys State. He adores his cat, Buggy aka "B" (something he does get from his father). Also like his father, Adam enjoys movies. His most recent favorite viewing experiences are Wonder Woman and Transformers: The Last Knight. His career plan involves ministry, after college at Union University and seminary at Southwestern Theological Seminary.
Adam Running
Adam running at Bryn Du Mansion near Granville

My Family
With my family on the Spree River in Berlin
Personal Interests

I rarely have much time when school is in session for anything other than following my son's activities. My hobbies include geocaching and crossword puzzles. I sometimes get to watch Ohio University Volleyball. In addition, I enjoy a variety of sports, movies, music, reading, and computers.

My favorite non-Ohio University sports teams are Illinois (any sport) and the Cincinnati Reds.

I like to watch movies, mostly at home (pay-per-view and DVD/VHS rental), often watching them many times over. I have written supplements and various textbook features for John Wiley & Sons on using movies, television, and music as pedagogical tools.

I listen to a wide variety of music, although I generally dislike Country (except Allison Krauss and some Shania Twain) and Rap (except TobyMac and Hollyn). At work, I usually listen to contemporary jazz through Amazon Prime Music. When driving, I listen to local stations (usually contemporary Christian) and Watercolors or Electric Area on SiriusXM. Examples of artists that I like include Mindy Abair, Jeff Beck, Anthony David, For King and Country, Kafele, TobyMac, Jean-Luc Ponty, and the late Wayman Tisdale.

With a background in computer science, it only makes sense that I love to tinker with computers. I write all my HTML code and attribute what little knowledge I have to my friend and computer mentor Rich Kern. Take a look at his Division I Volleyball Website.


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