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One of my favorite places to go when I lived in Florida is Honeymoon Island. It's absolutely breathtaking. The first thing we would do is rent a kayak for the day. After we were all set up and in the water, we would paddle over to the island. It is simply a day in paradise. If you ever go to Clearwater Florida, this is a must see. I think it is about 10 minutes right outside of Clearwater nestled in Dunedin.

Why Honeymoon Island Park Activities
This is by far one of the best natural beaches that I have seen for taking walks, picking up shells, finding sand dollars, and just watching the the ocean. The only expense is the Kayak which is fairly inexpensive. We packed a lunch, and drinks for the entire day, so we were all set up. Just do not forget your sunscreen. When you finally paddle out to the island you are right under the sun for the day. Unless you want to paddle back to land and experience the park, and other activities.
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