Advice to College Freshmen

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Pay Attention

Sit in middle section of the first or second row in every class. This will drown out any distractions, giving you a better chance to focus on the discussions and note-taking, allowing you a better chance to perform well on your exams. Plus, your professor will remember both your face and your name. Getting to know your professors on a name basis helps immensely in the future especially when you need letters of recommendation for a job, internship, or graduate school applications.

Be Proactive

Your professors will like you more and remember you if you are proactive. Take the initiative to approach them during office hours if you need more clarification about a topic being discussed in class.

Ask for Help

At the first sign of struggle, see your professor. He/She wants you to do well and will be more than willing to address your issues. If need be, go see the teaching assistant or tutors. Asking for help when it is needed is a sign or maturity, not weakness.

Go to Class

Attend class regularly, even the boring ones! You pay for the class whether you are there or not and whether you pass or fail. You might as well attend and learn something, even if what you learn is just boring, random trivia, because if you fail you'll be stuck having to take the class twice and pay twice- yuck!

Have Fun!!!

And lastly, try to have fun. You are preparing for your future, but take a deep breath and you will learn so much more. Just because you are new at this, do not underestimate yourself.

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