A Shortened Biography

Born March 11, 1890 in Chelsea Massachusetts, Vannevar Bush was not healthy as a child. Even so he was able to use his intelligence to make him strong willed and hold his head high. He did exceptionally well in school, where he made it far. As no surprise, he enrolled in college at Tufts University in Massachusetts where he found an interest in engineering as well as inventing. After he graduated from Tufts, he enrolled in MIT where he received his doctorate in electrical engineering in less than a year. He came up with many ideas such as - the idea for using magnetic fields to detect submarines, in which the navy did not fully get positive recognition. Created the Differential Analyzer used to solve equations by integration. He designed the Rapid Selector for the FBI in 1930, which was to remember and store fingerprints, but was delayed for current technology.
He took an interest in World War II and founded the National Research Committee in order to organize research for military weapons. There he took part in developing the Manhattan Project, which created the Atomic Bomb. This led to the ending of World War II. (Continue story - page 1)

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