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Hi my name is Holly Kelly. I am a new local Photographer in the Fairfield / Pickaway County area. A few years ago, I decided to relocate from Tampa, Florida back to my Ohio roots. Even though this is a new career, I am setting new goals each day to succeed. I have always loved photography, and am so excited to do something that makes me wake up each day with a smile on my face. As they say "If you love your job, you never work a day in your life". I live, breath, and dream those words for the first time.

It is simply amazing to capture moments that will last a lifetime. Special moments can easily be left in the past, and will filter out as time subsides. My mission is to make those moments last a lifetime.

My professional career has consisted of designing to start off, and then got sidetracked into the Corporate world, where my turn of faith in designing shifted. After working in offices for 12 years, I have desided to get the real me back. I learned many lessons in life, and wish to bring it all to the table. I have knowledge in design software, where I also enjoy artistic photo manipulation, or fantasy. This has also added a great touch to portrait photography, allowing me to easily touch up and edit photos.

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