CE 3110 Route Engineering


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Course Content:              

Syllabus   Class Schedule


Geometric Design Problem Sets:

SSD-General HC-Parameters I  HC-Parameters II  HC-Layout  HC-Transit  Compound/Reverse  SSD-HC VC-Layout  VC-Points  VC-Design  SSD-VC Spiral Parameters  Spiral Layout  Superelevation  Superelevation Design  Drainage Pavement End Areas  Route Volumes  Borrow Pits  Mass Diagram


Geometric Design Problem Set Solutions:

SSD-General HC - Parameters I HC - Parameters II HC - Layout HC - Transit Compound/Reverse SSD-HC VC - Layout VC - Points VC - Design SSD-VC Spiral Parameters Spiral Layout Superelevation Superelevation Design Drainage Pavement End Areas Route Volumes Borrow Pits Mass Diagram


Reference information:

AASHTO Green Book:  Table of Contents    Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4

Route Surveying and Design Tutorial info:

 MG1-Route Location, MG2-Circular Curves, MG3-Comp. Curves, MG4-Parabolic Curves, MG5-Spirals, MG6-Earthwork, MG8-Super E, MG-Tables


Braking Distance – Derivation of the general equation given in the Green Book

                        Circular Curve Parameter Derivation Details

                        HC-Layout Example – A step-by-step example of calculations and layout field notes

                        Stopping Sight Distance on Horizontal Curves – Derivation of the AASHTO equations

Example of Vertical Curve layout (sample as ex. prob. p 69 in text, but with more detail and “checks” added)

Example of High/Low Point location determination

Spiral Parameters Diagram from “Surveying – Principles and Applications” 5th Ed. by Kavanagh and Bird, p 363

Spiral Parameters – Derivations – L. Herman

Excerpt on spirals from "Elementary Surveying" by Wolf and Brinker, 9th Ed.

            Equation sheets used for Route Engineering exams    Exam Procedure

            Midterm review sheet and Final Exam review sheets

Background Information for Areas by the Coordinates Method

            Example of Area by Coordinates

            Earthwork VolumesAvg End Area and Prismoidal example

            Mass Diagram Lecture Notes – method of moments           

Quizzes Results

            Midterm Results

            Final Exam Results                                                    Picture: car on super-elevated section


            Lab – Horizontal Curve Design and Layout:  Assignment   Surveying Equipment Check Out

                              Design Teams

Geometric Design Project:

Description     Design Standards        ODOT Location & Design Manual – Vol. 200

                                    Nelsonville By-Pass:  Topo Map       Team Assignments    Planning Corridors


                                    Confidential Peer Review                  ETM222 Plan and Profile drawing    Ex. of Cross Sections

                                    Team Presentation Evaluation           Template

                                                Procedure for multiple plan/profile sheets

Ortho files:                             AutoCAD tips

                        Athens                         AutoCAD help – Student Mentor S13 – Darrell Hague dh405008@ohio.edu




Point Data (small file) – Note: this file is not for direct use with AutoCAD







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Points file (large)