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I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Geological Sciences at Ohio University where I teach courses in general geology, ichnology, and paleopedology. For a complete list of courses that I teach at Ohio University click here. To learn about my research, please see my Research page. For a complete copy of my Curriculum vitae click here.


I am originally from Tempe, Arizona, but spent a significant portion of my life in New Orleans, Louisiana. Before starting my academic career, I served in the United States Army and the Louisiana National Guard as both an infantryman and a military policeman.


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I first attended the University of New Orleans where I earned by Bachelors of Science degree in Geology in 1999. While at UNO I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Kraig Derstler and participated in dinosaur excavations in Wyoming. I completed my graduate work, both Masterís and Ph.D., in 2005 in the Department of Geology at the University of Kansas with Dr. Larry Martin and Dr. Stephen Hasiotis, respectively. While at KU I had the opportunity to work with an excellent group of graduate students with similar research interests.


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When Iím not working I enjoy hiking, kayaking, camping, reading, and the occasional computer game. I also do quite a bit of traveling with my wife, son, and daughter. My recent trips within the United States have been to the White Mountains of New Hampshire (pictured at left), Smoky Mountain National Park in Tennessee, Shenandoah National Park in Virginia, the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Sedona and the Grand Canyon in Arizona, and, my favorite so far, Alaska including the Kenai Peninsula and Denali National Park.


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Geology provides an excellent excuse to travel to some amazing places around the world. As of 2015, I have been to six continents; only Antarctica remains. Some recent trips have been to the Canary Islands, Peru, New Caledonia, Australia, Scotland, England, China, Namibia, Greece, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Bolivia, and Argentina.

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Thank you for visiting my website.If you have any questions concerning my research, would like reprints of my recent papers, or are a geology student looking for a graduate school please send me an email at







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