Recent or Upcoming Presentations

The Birth of Charlie Chaplin’s Little Tramp: A 100th Anniversary Celebration.  Cineteca di Bologna, Bologna, Italy.  June 26-28, 2014.  Invited lecture:  City Lights Magazine, the American Counterculture and Chaplin’s Little Tramp, 1952-1977.”

 Kansas Silent Film Festival, White Concert Hall, Washburn University, Topeka, KS.  February 28 & March 1, 2014.  Invited Participant:  “Introduction to Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times."

University of Arkansas.  Communications Department.  Giffels Auditorium. September 27, 2013.  Invited Panelist:  “A Tribute to Charlie Chaplin and Early Movie Music.”

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. Bentonville, AR. September 25-26, 2013. Symposium:  Art for the Citizen. Invited Panelist: “Chaplin in the Thirties as a Citizen Artist.”

European Beat Studies Network conference.  University of Aalborg, Aalborg, Denmark.  August 28-30, 2013.  “The Beat Generation and Charlie Chaplin’s Little Tramp, 1952-77.”

Radio  and Web Interviews

 Golden Age of Hollywood Podcast #210: Syd Chaplin with Derek McClellan.  May 12, 2012.

Hour-long interview                                                    Conducted via Skype from Glasgow, Scotland April 7, 2012 

“The Charlie Chaplin Archive” with Matthew Sweet.  Two-part program.  BBC London. 21 and 28 February 2011.

Hour-long interview                                                    Conducted November 20, 2010                                            

Brainstormin’ with Billy the Brain. KKZZ AM 1400, Ventura, CA.  NPR radio broadcast, “Success:  Charlie Chaplin.”

20-minute interview                                                   Conducted November 1, 2010

Neal Steele Show.  WXGM AM1420, Gloucester, VA.  “Charlie Chaplin.”

Interview                                                                     Conducted October 29, 2010

Charlie Chaplin Documentary.  NHK-TV, Tokyo.  Broadcast 5 times beginning in July 2006.

Video interview + class filming                                  Conducted May 31, 2006

Smile—The Genius of Charlie Chaplin: Two-Part Radio Program.  BBC Scotland.  29 November and 6 December 2005.

Audio Interview conducted May 3, 2005.

Print Coverage

Ohio University Compass

o   “First international Charlie Chaplin conference in America comes to Zanesville campus,” by Grace Austin, 10-13-10

o   “Women of Appalachia conference returns to Zanesville campus,” by Alyse Lorber, 11-7-2011

o   “Zanesville professor to participate in Lakeside Chautauqua,” 8-8-13

o   “Zanesville student has class assignment published in magazine,” 10-6-13

Ohio University Research Communications

·      “Fraternal filmmaking: Biography reveals Syd Chaplin’s role in early Hollywood,” 9-23-11

Perspectives (OU)

·      “The Little Tramp, Revisited: A Look at the writings and Family of Charlie Chaplin,” by Samantha Strahota, (Spring/Summer 2008: 7)

Ohio Today (OU)

·      “From chemistry to Chaplin,” (Fall 2011:13)

Zanesville Times Recorder, Zanesville, OH

·      “Stein presents and publishes on classic comedians,” 10-3-07

·      “Community history topic of teacher workshop,” 8-4-10

·      “Presentation on Charlie Chaplin slated for today,” 10-2-10

·      “3rd Thursday event features ‘New Beginning in a New World,’” 10-7-10

·      “Charlie Chaplin conference includes lookalike contest,” 10-20-10

·      “Charlie Chaplin conference open to the public,” by Holly Richards, 10-27-10

·      “Graduate student award,” 11-14-10

·      “OUZ professor writes biography of Charlie Chaplin’s brother Sydney” by Lori Law, 4-18-11

·      “Students review submissions for journal,” 5-6-12

·      “OU-Z to host a night of music, readings,” 4-13-13

·      “Ohio University-Zanesville students attend Spring Literary Festival, 4-21-13

·      “Editor’s Choice,” 4-30-13

·      “OU-Z professor publishes photo essay on Chaplin,” 5-9-13

·      “Local leaders,” 5-21-13

Ohio Magazine

·      “Icon of comedy: The Zanesville Museum of Art celebrates the legacy of Charlie Chaplin and his enduring imprint on American culture,” by John C. Bruening, (11-2010: 18-21)

Columbus Dispatch (OH)

·      “Zanesville to put focus on Chaplin, “ by Nick Chordas, 10-24-10

·      “New book takes an intellectual look at Charlie Chaplin’s work,” by James L. Neibaur, 12-8-13

Télé (Paris, France)

·      “Dans la famille Chaplin, je demande le frère,” by Aurélien Ferenczi, 7-9-11

Il Cinema Ritrovato (21° Edizione, Bologna, Italy)

·      “Charlie and Sydney Chaplin,” by Lisa Stein, (6-30 to 7-7-2007: 48)

Moving Image Archive News (

·      “What researchers are saying about Charlie Chaplin, and a rare Chaplin film is rediscovered,” by MIAN, 8-27-10

Bucyrus Telegraph Forum, Bucyrus, OH

·      “OUZ professor writes biography of Charlie Chaplin’s half brother Sydney, 4-19-2011

Advertiser (Zanesville, OH)

·      “Ohio University-Zanesville professor’s research something to laugh about,” 2-11-07

·      “Ohio University-Zanesville’s Stein presents and publishes on classic comedians,” 10-14-07

·      “Ohio University-Zanesville students present at Ohio Valley Shakespeare conference,” 10-21-07

New Concord Leader, New Concord, OH

·      “Students attend literary fest,” 4-28-13

Caldwell (OH) Journal

·      “Chaplin comes to Twin City Opera House, Friday, Oct. 29,” 10-18-10

Morgan Herald (Morgan County, OH)

·      “Opera House will be part of Charlie Chaplin conference; movies to be shown Oct. 29,” 10-20-10

·      “Halloween activities set at Twin City Opera House,” 10-20-10

·      “Chaplin’s ‘The Kid’ and ‘The Idle Class’ to be shown Friday,” 10-27-10

Perry County Tribune, Crooksville, OH

·      “Editor’s Choice award,” 7-28-10

·      “Editor’s Choice award,” 4-24-13

Daily Jeffersonian, Cambridge, OH

·      “Lisa Stein will make presentation during Women of Appalachia conference at OUZ,” 10-4-07

·      “Community history topic of teacher workshop,” 8-15-10

·      “Third Thursday event features Chaplin’s ‘New Beginning in a New World,’” 10-7-10

·      “Chaplin coming to Twin City Opera House, Ohio U. Zanesville next week,” 10-21-10

·      “Literary journal reviewed by students,” 5-6-12

·      “Evening of music and readings at OUZ,” 5-13-12

·      “Students attend literary fest,” 4-19-13

·      “Leadership Muskingum class of 2013,” 5-15-13

Iola Register, Iola, Kansas

·      “Actresses take to comedy,” by Richard Luken, Bruce Symes and Susan Lynn, 9-30-2006

·      “Chaplin scholar to talk of ‘Oles,” by Anne Kazmierczak, 9-24-2009

·      “Keaton films often debunk stereotypes,” by Steven Schwartz, 9-28-12

·      “Haven a lifelong student of cinema,” by Steven Schwartz, 9-25-13

Palm Beach Post (CA)

·      “Lesser-known Chaplin Brother’s Penchant for Ladies Undid Career,” by Scott Eyman, 5-15-2011

Sight & Sound (British Film Institute, London, UK)

·      Review: “Syd Chaplin: A Biography” by Bryony Dixon (6-2011: 93)

Yorkshire Evening Post (UK)

·      “Yorkshire Daily: A Link with Charlie” by Neil Hudson, 6-30-09 © lisa stein haven 2014