George Hartley's Courses

Department of English, Ohio University


English 153: Freshman Composition

English 200: Introduction to Literature

English 202: Critical Introduction to Poetry

English 250: Textual Analysis

English 254 : Writing & Research in English Studies

English 307J: Writing & Research in English Studies

English 308J: Writing & Rhetoric II

English 315: English Literature 1900-Present

English 323: American Literature 1918-Present

English 328: African American Poetry

English 339: African American Literature 1950-Present

English 355:World Literature

English 399: Literary Theory

English 447: Cybercult Criticism

English 453: World Literature Seminar

English 460: Chicano Poetry

English 465: Major American Authors


English 536: Literary Theory

English 537: Critical Theory II—Anzaldúa, Mestizaje, Abjection

English 541/776C: Comparative Literature: Poetry & Hegemony

English 570N/774B: 20th Century American Literature: Issues in the American Long Poem




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