CTCH 127

My name is Garrett Warner. I love computers and video games. My brother also studied computers so i like talking to him about what im learning. He recently graduated college so he already knows alot more than me. here is one of his webpages thedavidwarner and yes the webpage is correct. He just wanted to secure that domain incase he needed webspace later. We also share our intrests in video games though neither of us really want to design a game we both just like playing them. i love playing on my computer more than any other console although I do play my xbox 360 alot too.

My favorite sport is baseball. i loved playing baseball but I have not been able to play for a couple years. I am hoping to start playing again someday, maybe sooner than later. I was also in marching band throughout high school. I played tuba in the band and was section leader my seinor year. I loved the music programs alot, they were some of the funnest times I have ever had in my life. I played soccor once.....didnt like it so i have not played it since.

I can't wait to finish college and get out in the world. When i finish college I want to start out small and work my way up to a big company like apple or microsoft. I dont know what type of work yet, but I do know it will be with computers somewhere. Maybe I will open my own business to build and fix computers. Maybe I will be a programmer for some company. Who knows where i will end up. Hopefully somewhere good.

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