Jay S. Gunasekera,
Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Gunasekera served on the faculties of Monash University, Australia, and the University of Sri Lanka, before moving to the United States as a senior research fellow at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. He joined the Ohio University faculty in 1983. Dr. Gunasekera has written two books and 150 technical articles. He has provided leaderships in the general area of CAD/CAM, and his particular expertise in metal forming has attracted significant external funding for College of Engineering and Technology projects.

Current Research

  • Advanced materials processing
  • CAD/CAM of dies
  • Design and Computer modeling of manufacturing processes
  • Ring Rolling
  • Precision Forging and Extrusion
  • Micro-Forming

    Courses taught

  • ME 314 Manufacturing Processes
  • ME 450 CAD
  • ME 562 Manufacturing Process
  • ME 720 Advance FEM
  • ME 751 Advanced CAD
  • ME 760 Advanced CAD/CAM of Dies


    For a list of publications see the on-line publication index


  • Moss Professor, 1987 - 2006
  • Highest Grade for the P.E. Examination in Ohio, 1988
  • FCGI, 1989
  • D.Sc., Higher Doctorate, University of London, 1991
  • Russ Research Award, 1991


  • B.S.: University of Ceylon, 1967
  • M.S.: Imperial College, London, 1970
  • Ph.D.: University of London, 1972
  • P.E.: State of Ohio, 1987


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    Work Address:

    Department of Mechanical Engineering,
    Ohio University,
    Athens, OH 45701,
    Phone: (740) 593-0563
    FAX: (740)-593-0476
    email: gsekera@bobcat.ent.ohiou.edu

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