Archil  Gulisashvili







Contact Information


Department of Mathematics

Ohio University

Athens, OH 45701

Office: 527 Morton Hall

Phone: 1-(740)-593-1270

E-mail: guli at


Ph. D. in Mathematics, Moscow University.

analysis, partial differential equations, asymptotic methods, continuation of wave fields, wave propagation, mathematical modeling in materials science.



  • Winter 2008: Math 340 (Differential Equations) and Math 266A (Calculus with Applications to Biology I)
  • Fall 2007: Math 340 (Differential Equations) and Math 263D (Calculus IV)
  • Spring 2007: Math 4/570 (Complex Variables) and Math 266B (Calculus with Applications to Biology II)
  • Winter 2007: Math 263A (Calculus I) and Math 266A (Calculus with Applications to Biology I)
  • Fall 2006: Math 4/540 (Vector Analysis)


Papers in Refereed Journals

Book Chapter

  • T.V.Savina, B.Yu.Sternin and V.E.Shatalov, ``Reflection Formulas and Continuation of Solutions to Boundary Value Problems'', Section in the book: Boris Sternin and Victor Shatalov, Differential Equations on Complex Manifolds, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordeht-Boston-London, 1994.











































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