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Our 30th Reunion in 2009

UPDATE JUNE 3, 2009:  The reunion took place the weekend of May 28-31, and it was a wonderful event.  About 50 members of the class of 1979 actually registered with the College ahead of time, but there were probably more on campus throughout the weekend as some undoubtedly dropped into town for a few hours on the main day, Saturday.  Click here for photos.

I would like to update this page as frequently as possible with any information you can provide me about your activities in work, life, family, whatever.  I hope now that it won't be that we have to wait five years to catch up on what everyone has been doing, but that because of the world wide web, we can stay in touch much more easily.  Contact information, as well as several other useful, Kenyon-related links, are below.

Reunion Pages

I've started a separate page devoted to each of our five-year reunions beginning with 1984.  I've put on these what photos I have, and they are admittedly not much. I'd like to very much request that anyone with photos of any of our reunions that they'd be willing to share with the rest of us to please contact me.  I'd be more than happy to scan your paper photos and return them to you quickly.  If you have electronic photos or paper photos that you've already scanned, you can send those to me any way that you like, including CD, email, or one of those file-sending services like xdrive.com or yousendit.com.  If you're not sure what to do, again, please contact me.

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