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Welcome to the semi-official website of the Kenyon class of 1979.  I would like to update this page as frequently as possible with any information class members (or anyone associated) can provide about your activities in work, life, family, whatever. I hope that it won't be that we have to wait five years to catch up on what everyone has been doing, but that through this website, we can stay in touch much more easily. Relevant links and contact information are above.

I expect that one of the most active areas of this site will be the reunion-related pages.  As of this writing, we've had seven of the ten "official" reunions Kenyon will host for us, with the eighth, our 40th, occurring in 2019.  I've created a separate page devoted to each those reunions, and the content of these pages varies widely in terms of quantity of material. 

I've included what photos I have, and they are sometimes not much but other times not too bad thanks to the generosity of several Kenyon classmates.  With the advent of digital photography about a dozen or so years ago, people take many more photos than they used to, so getting recent photos isn't as much of an issue as getting photos from longer ago, which would have to be pulled from files or albums and scanned.

Regardless of the issues noted above, I'd like to very much to mine the archives of members of the Class of '79.  I expect that many of you have photos taken during our time at Kenyon and later as you've attended whatever reunions you've attended or returned to Gambier for whatever reason at other times over the years, and I would dearly love to be able to put those photos on this site.  Anything you have will be of interest. 

I have a room full scanners at home, and I would be more than happy to scan whatever photos you're willing to share and return them to you quickly.  If you've kept 35 mm negatives, I can scan those as well.  If you have electronic photos or paper photos that you've already scanned, you can send those to me any way that you like, including flash drive, CD, email, or one of those online file-sending services like adrive.com or yousendit.com.  If you're not sure what to do, again, please contact me.


For comments, suggestions, error corrections, and so forth about this site, please contact me at info@kenyon79.org.  I'm sure there are errors and missing info, and all fault in these situations is completely mine.  I invite everyone to send me corrections.

Thank you for your visit!


This site last updated June 29, 2014.