Western Ghost Towns

Since 1993 I have been visiting ghost towns in the central and western U. S. during business or pleasure trips, and I've started this website to share with other ghost town enthusiasts the fun I've had. Thanks for your visit!

The links above lead to home pages for each of the states which have ghost towns I have visited. On each town's page I have photos from my visit, and, where possible, I compare the condition of the town at the time of my visit with what it was when visited by various authors whose books are listed on the state pages. Complete histories of the towns are given by the authors, so I will not repeat that information here. I've always enjoyed hunting for ghost towns, and I always find it interesting to note how the towns have changed in the years since they were visited by these authors.  Nothing is constant.

On each page, if available, I include a photograph or photographs of the town from the above authors' visits along with the same or a similar view taken during my visit. In most cases, things have, not surprisingly, changed dramatically, and many towns are unrecognizable from the photos taken 35, 20, and even 15 years ago.

I hope you enjoy the tour, and I encourage you to get copies of all of these books if you're interested in ghost towns. Many are still in print, and, if not, can often be found at used book sites or on eBay, where I've found a few.

I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has any comments about my pictures and descriptions or who might have any photos of these towns they'd be willing to send me or lend me to scan so I can add them to the site. I can be emailed at contact@western-ghost-towns.com.


The most recent additions to any page on this site occured in January 2016, when a comment from a visitor to Doole, Texas was added to that page.




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