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Tingyue Gu, PhD
Professor and Graduate Committee Chair
Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (map)
Stocker Center 167B

Ohio University

Athens, Ohio 45701, USA                                          
Phone 740-593-1499, gu@ohio.edu   
Fax 740-593-0873, Personal Fax 413-215-6702  

         B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Zhejiang University, PRC

         Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, School of Chemical Engineering, Purdue University, USA 

         Editorial board member of Separation and Purification Technology, Bioprocess & Biosystems Engineering, Journal of Chemistry.  Associate editor of Bioresources and Bioprocessing.

         Research Interests: Biocorrosion, biofouling, biofilms, biofilm mitigation using biocides, bio-electrochemistry, microbial fuel cells,  chromatography, bioseparations, bioenergy from biomass and wastewater,

         Publication List

         Corrections for My Chromatography Book

         Chromatography Simulation Software (Chromulator)

         A mechanistic SRB/APB MIC model is available (NRB and methanogen models also available)

         Chromulator-IEX Version 1.0 is available

         MATLAB teaching tools and utilities developed by me

         MATLAB quick examples

         Courses Taught


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