Santa's Favorite Place

Is it the North Pole or the Train that runs near the North Pole?


If you haven't put your cursor over the train photo, be sure to do that.

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Santa's Favorite Places below.

Taking the train through the snowy, frozen mountains that travels near the North Pole, is always a very enjoyable ride.
The North Pole is a beautiful, wintery paradise and one of my favorite places. I really enjoy working in the toyshop and taking a break in Mrs. Claus' kitchen to eat fresh baked cookies with a huge glass of skim milk. But my very favorite place is where I can bring joy to others!

Santa's favorite place is in the joyous gleem from a child's eyes when he or she sees Santa
and the smiles from people I meet all through the year.
When smiling faces come running to me with arms open for a huge hug at the end of the run,
there is no better Place!

Here are just a few of my favorite places.


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