Educational Psychology Course

CEP800 (online)
Learning in School and Other Settings
This is a master-level online course that introduces basic educational psychological theories and examines what is learned, how it is taught and learned, and what learners bring to the setting.
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Educational Technology Course

Undergraduate Level Courses
EDCT 203 (face-to-face) Technology Applications in Education This course is a required course for all teachers seeking Ohio Licensure. The purpose of this course is to acquaint candidates with technology applications commonly found in educational settings.
CEP416 (face-to-face & online)
Teaching and Learning with Technology (class site)
The course focuses on helping pre-service teachers learn to incorporate new technologies into their teaching.
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Master's Level Courses

CEP813 (online)
Electronic Portfolio for Teaching and Learning
This is a master-level online course that teaches about the wide variety of meanings and applications of electronic portfolios in education.

ED 870 (online)
Capstone Seminar for the Master of Arts in Education
The Capstone Seminar is designed to engage students in discussion and reflection on such topics as the portfolio concept, the meaning of lifelong learning, reflections on personal learning style and online learning.

Doctoral Level Courses

EDCT 793 (face-to-face)
Technology and Cognition
The course explores the relationship between cognition and technology by investigating the cognitive processes underlying learning behaviors and various ways technology can be used to support those processes.

Educational Research Courses

RESM5110 (face-to-face)
Quantitative Methods I
This is a master-level course designed for students to learn core statistical concepts and the basics of descriptive and inferential statistics.

CEP894D (online)
Research Practicum in Educational Psychology
This is a master-level online course where students are expected to apply their learning in their current educational position as an action research project.