Instructional Design

As an instructional designer, I have been designing online/hybrid courses and making pedagogical recommendations for faculty members across different departments and colleges. I am able to keep up-to-date with emerging technologies, and use them to design various learning environments and activities.

Below are a few selected sample courses and tutorials I designed or developed.

A Guide for Designing Online Course

One of my colleagues and I developed this Blackboard course - A Guide for Designing Online Course. It is a learning resource intended for faculty who are planning to or interested in teaching online courses and wish to learn more about online course design and development. It provides fundamental information for faculty on how to develop an online course. (Please click the book on the left to view some sample pages in full screen.)

A Guide to Becoming a Successful Online Learner

I designed this course to help students understand what online learning is like and provide students some tips on how to succeed in online learning. (Please click the picture on the left to go to the website).

CEP416 Teaching and Learning with Technology


I designed and taught this course which helps pre-service teachers learn how to incorporate new technologies into their teaching. I used Ning to create an online learning community. You can find more information about the course under the "Teaching" tab. (Please click the picture on the left to go to the Ning site.)

New Technologies Wiki


I am currently developing this wiki to support faculty members at Montclair State University to integrate technologies in teaching and learning. This wiki site introduces a wide range of emerging technologies that can be used to engage students in learning. (Please click the picture on the left to go to the site.)

Selected Tutorials