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Federica Incerti
Technology can enrich the process of learning in the classroom.


To prepare students to enter a 21st century where, through technology, they will advance our research and increase our knowledge to serve our communities and safeguard our future.

Resources for Educators

Mission & Vision
Goals for Learning Center
Standard for Webpage
Job Description
Other Technology Plans
Hardware Resources
Click Here for Hardware Sites

This link will direct you to sites designed to assist professionals and educators in the purchase of technology and learning products. These sites offer an an array of tools that will help advancing students' learning.
Sotware Resources
Click Here for Software Sites

This link will direct you to websites that offer educational software specifically designed for use in classrooms by reputable Software companies.
Technology Sites
Click Here for Technology Sites

This link will direct you to a list of websites designed to help educators stay current with technology in the classroom.
Lesson Plans
Click Here for Lesson Plans Sites

Sites designed to help educators building lesson plans by hand, or with the aid of technology. Detailed descriptions and exaples of class materials are included in these sites.
Our Learning Center Area
Presentation of Learning Center Design
Technology Journals
Click Here for Technology Journal Sites

This is a link that offers a list of technology journals to help educators stay current on how technology is changing education.
Click Here for Networking Sites

This link will direct you to social networking sites to connect with other educators. These are models of networking activity that, when followed, allow the people to build new professional relationships and generate opportunities for learning.
Open Source Software
Click Here for Open Source Software Sites

This link will provide a list of websites that offer free sharing software and technological information. Open-source software is free of copyright, licensing, or domain restrictions.
Software Tutorials
Click Here for Open Source Software Sites

Sites that offer sofware tutorials for educational and business software that can be used in the classroom.
Resources for Educators

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