Frazier Baker

Professional Web Designer

Frazier Baker is a 17-year-old young man living in Zanesville, Ohio. He is enrolled in the Post-Secondary Enrollment Options Program at Ohio University Zanesville. He has taken an introductory web design course at Ohio University Zanesville and has done much independent study in the field. He has working knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP. Frazier also writes desktop programs for personal computers and is knowledgeable in C# (.NET), C, and C++. He has even dabbled in assembly programming with FASM (Flat Assembler). Frazier Baker did independent research as a junior in high school on Digital Steganography that was recognized with an Excellent Rating at the 2013 District Science Day held at Zane State College. After completing his high school education, Frazier hopes to attend Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. Frazier would like to major in Computer Sciences and is considering extending his education to include graduate work.

On the left, you can find a list of all of the web design projects completed by Frazier during his introductory web design course. Feel free to browse through and see what you think. If you have any questions, or would like to contact Frazier Baker, you can reach him at his Ohio University email listed at the bottom of the page with the copyright notice, or you can go to my personal web site at www.frazierb.com .