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Tim-Berners Lee In the year 1989 Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web which is a group of servers on the internet that are linked together and the servers use a special computing language called HTML, which Tim invented. He was able to make the first World Wide Web Server which was called httpd. He also made the first client. Tim also created the Universal Resource Indentifier, or as it's known now as a Uniform Resource Locater, which is used to give addresses to documents on the internet. He also invented HTTP, which is a language that computers used to transfer hypertext documents over the Internet. Tim also made a program called a browser where you can look up hypertext documents that are on the Internet.

Tim Berner-Lee's Carrier

Tim Berners LeeTim-Berners-Lee was able to graduate from Queen's College at Oxford University, England in 1976. When he was at Queen's college he built his first computer, with a M6800 processor. After Tim graduated he worked at Plessey Telecommunications Ltd for two years. Plessey Telecommunications is a major UK Telecom equipment manufacturer that works on distributed transaction systems, message relays, and bar code technology." Then, in 1978 Tim decided to stop working at Plessey and joined D.G. Nash Ltd where he wrote typesetting software for printers, and he also wrote operating systems. In 1980 Tim was a software engineer at CERN. When he was at CERN he was able to write his first program called Enquire. He didn't distribute his program publicly. He just kept it private for himself. In 1981 Tim worked at John Polle's Image Computer Systems Ltd as a technical designer. He worked with firmware, graphics and communications software, and macro language. He worked at John Poole's Image Computer System Ltd until 1984. In 1984 Tim started working at a company called CERN and in 1989 he developed the World Wide Web. The World Wide Web is a group of hyper text documents that are connected together. The World Wide Web wasn't actually on the Internet until 1991. In 1994 Tim founded a company called the World Wide Web Consortium. The World Wide Web Consortium is the main body for the World Wide Web. The World Wide Web Consortium or W3C sets all of the IP Addresses for domain names or websites on the internet. In the year 1999 Tim became the 3Com Founders Chair. Right now Tim the 3COM Founders Professor of Engineering in the school of Engineering.

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