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I currently work at Wendy's. There are five positions. There's grill, sandwiches, back change, front, and speaker.

Front Register

On the front register you have to take peoples orders, get the drinks, shakes, and get the fries, nuggets, and the sandwiches for the order. When you aren't getting any orders you're supposed to coordinate for drive thru. Then, for closing front you have to stock the cups, lids, sauces, dressings, and other miscellaneous things. Also, you have to wipe off the tables and trays. You have to take out the trash, empty the ketchup bottles, lock your doors, sweep the floor, clean the bathrooms, mop the floor, and count your drawer.


For sandwiches you have to make the sandwiches for front and for drive thru. As far as closing sandwiches you have to wipe down the sandwich station, mop your floor, and take the frosty parts back to the back change person, and mop the floor by the sandwich station.


For grill you have put meat down, put chicken down, and put nuggets down. You have to get the fries and the nuggets when people need them for the orders. You also have to put the meat and the chicken on the sandwich for the sandwich person. For closing grill you have to scrub your grill, scrub the chicken cooker, take out your trash, wipe out the oven, and mop your floor.

Back Change

For back change you have to collect peoples change when they come to the window and for closing you have to clean dishes.


For speaker you have to take peoples orders on the drive thru, make the drinks, and frosties, and you have to coordinate. For closing speaker you have to stock your cups, lids, dressings, crackers, forks, spoons, and knives.


So there are five positons at the Wendy's that I work at. There's front, speaker, sandwiches, grill, and back change. Here's where I would rank each position from easiest to hardest to run. I think the easiest position to run is backchange, then it's grill. After that I would say that it's speaker, then followed by front, then sandwiches. As far as closing, I think the easiest position to close would be speaker. Then I think it would be sandwiches. After that it would be front, grill, and back change.