News Survey: Where are we going from here?

The primary researcher

Ed Simpson is pursuing his doctoral degree in journalism from Ohio University. This survey is part of his dissertation. He has a blog at Here is a link to his CV.

Overall, his research focuses on the structural elements that form the public sphere, the space (both physical and metaphysical) where people come together, debate issues, and come up with new meaning. Some samples of his peer-reviewed research:

Journalism History

Newspaper Research Journal


Click here to take the survey

For Geauga County residents over 18, click here to take the survey on the news media and the tragic Chardon shooting: survey

(The survey involving how information flowed through the community in Geauga County after the tragic shooting at Chardon High School is part of an overall study into the changing news landscape. The survey is meant to help inform discussions of the role of professional journalism.)


My name is Ed Simpson. I am pursuing my doctoral degree in journalism from Ohio University. As part the program, I am conducting an in-depth research project on the impact of professional daily journalism on what types of information are available for communities like yours and what are not available. Further, I am exploring how that information is used or discussed by community members within the various ways news is distributed.

The overall project examines media in Geauga and Wood counties, including print, broadcast, and digital. This examination also includes the use (or non-use) of social media such as Twitter and Facebook. A major component of this research project is a survey of community leaders and key opinion leaders. The goal of the overall project is to determine what types of public affairs information is reaching the public and how that information is being used within the context of public discussion and debate.  I am most hopeful this stream of research will help inform discussions about the changing nature of public information and public dialogue and point to possible answers to vexing questions of participation in representative democracy.

The survey

This survey is being done in order to explore the current and anticipated use of media, as well as to gather overall impressions of how the media landscape has changed or will change. Survey participants will be asked a variety of questions concerning their evaluations of the various media streams available to them within three primary contexts: How they reach their current constituency (such as employees, existing customers, members, etc.); how they reach potential constituents, and how they reach the community at large. The questions include those centered on social media and traditional media.

Survey method

The survey is Internet-based and can be found at the following url: . While it is not necessary to provide identifying information in order to enter a valid response, there is a section at the end that provides for entering a name and overall comments, as well as a request to speak to the primary investigator on the project (Ed Simpson).

Confidentiality and records

All survey records will remain with the primary researcher. No individual responses with identifying information will be published or distributed in any way unless the respondent has given permission to do so by providing their information at the end of the survey.

Contact Information


If you have any questions regarding this study, please contact Ed Simpson at or 937-243-4185. You may confirm the validity of the project by contacting Dr. Michael Sweeney at or  740-593-2598. Dr. Sweeney is the chair of my committee and is intimate with the goals, purposes, and methods of the project.


Thank you for your time. When the research is concluded, I would be delighted to share the results with you or your organization.






















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