San Francisco , Cailfornia

I have never been to the state of California, but I know that I am going to love it when I do go! And for that reason it is my favorite place. Just the culture the envirornment and the people are cool to me. I think I fit into the lifestyle that Califonia has and I'll enjoy myself.


This image is of the Califonia state Flag, also known as the 'Bear Flag'. It was named a republic in 1846 after the American-Mexican War and participants declared their independence.


The thing that attracts e most the Califonia is it's lifestyle. The sunshine, beach, ocean, women, and friends. Being able to look out into the sunset ver the Pacific ocean is a fantasy of mine.


The culture aspect of Califonai is the thing I'm looking foward to the most. All the different! cultures that the state has, the background of people, and the history of the place excites me! Seeing new cultures has always been cool to me and seeing what California has is a goal of mine.

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