Pacific Sun/Work!

Throughout the summer I worked a lot at my retail job:( It wasn't much fun nor the first option I would of taken for my summer acvtivity. But I enjoy working at the store bewcause they have many brands that I have always liked. I get to see some of the newest trends and best graghic designs from working here, the discount on clothes is always a plus! I wish I could say i was actually seeing the sun from the Pacific side but not.I worked my other job as well doing maintenance at a gold course, I got to be outside all day which was nice but I my sleep was awful, I was waking up at Five in morning for work, and I was always the person that loved sleeping in. I worked a lot over this summer!

Friends and Memories

When I had time I would be hanging out with friends doing things that I enjoy and having fun. Over this past summer I picked up golf and started playing some, I think it's very relaxing, playing paintball has always been something I have been into and this summer I began to practice with Ohio's team. Playing paintall gets me pretty pumped up and I started going to a new place that the competition is real! Over the summer I skateboarded, worked out, went swimming. Being outside enjoying the sun is always need in summer. I love spending time with my friends and meeting new people. I didnt go anywhere special this summer but next summer I hope to do some traveling.

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