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Department of Mechanical Engineering

Ohio University Athens OH 45701

Tel.: (740) 591-8928 Email: es180210@ohio.edu




Snively E. and Theodor J.M. 2011. Common functional correlates of head strike behavior in the pachycephalosaur Stegoceras validum (Ornithischia, Dinosauria) and combative artiodactyls. PLoS ONE 6(6): e21422.

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3D finite element analyses of feeding in owls, falcons, and hornbills. Anthony Russell and Steven Boyd, University of Calgary.

3D computer database of feeding morphology in artiodactyls. Jessica Theodor, University of Calgary.



Snively E., Cotton J.R., Witmer L.M., Ridgely R.C., and Theodor J.M. 2011. Finite element comparison of cranial sinus function in the dinosaur Majungasaurus and head-clubbing giraffes. Proceedings of the ASME 2011 Summer Bioengineering Conference. 2 pp. Peer reviewed.

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2007. Gene Huber Award nomination, Unversity of Calgary Department of Biological Sciences. For doctoral thesis.

2006. Nomination for NSERC Award, Best Canadian Doctoral Thesis. University of Calgary Department of Biological Sciences.

2006. Governor General’s Gold Medal nomination, University of Calgary Department of Biological Sciences.

2003. Alberta Innovation and Science Research Excellence Award.

2001, 2002. University of Calgary Silver Medallion. For MSc program excellence.

2001. Governor General’s Gold Medal, alternate. For MSc program excellence.



2007-9. Alberta Ingenuity Post-doctoral Fellowship $48,000/yr

2007-9. Alberta Ingenuity Research stipend $7,000/yr

2007. Dinosaur Research Institute Grant $4,000

2007. Scientific and capital proposals for Canada Foundation for Innovation Grant (to Philip Currie and Michael Caldwell) $500,000

2005. Jurassic Foundation Grant $1,600

2004. Alberta Ingenuity Research Allowance $1,500

2004-2006. Alberta Ingenuity Scholarship $22,000

2003. Alberta Ingenuity Research Allowance $1,500 2003-2004.

Alberta Ingenuity Scholarship $20,000

2002. University of Calgary Conference Travel Grant $1,000

2002-2003. Alberta Ingenuity Scholarship $20,000

2002. Alberta Ingenuity Research Allowance $1,500

2002. Province of Alberta Graduate Fellowship $15,000/yr (declined)

2001-2002. Alberta Research Excellence award $8,400

2001. U. of Calgary Graduate Faculty Council Tuition Scholarship $3,000

2001. U. of Calgary Faculty of Graduate Studies Scholarship $1,000

2000-2001. Jurassic Foundation Grant $4200

2000. U. of Calgary Graduate Faculty Council Scholarship $5,000

2000. U. of Calgary Dept. of Biological Sciences Research Scholarship $1,800

2000. U. of Calgary Thesis Research Grant $600

1999. Ellis Bird Farm Ltd. Graduate Scholarship $1,000

1999. U. of Calgary Graduate Faculty Council Scholarship $5,000

1999. Heaton Student Support Grant, Royal Tyrrell Museum $1,000

1999. Jurassic Foundation Grant $1,900

1998. U. of Calgary Travel Grant $350

1998. Field Experience Student Bursary for fieldwork in Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta $890

1998. University of Calgary Graduate Research Scholarship $3,600




2007-2011. Lectures in vertebrate biomechanics. University of Calgary, University of Alberta, Ohio University.

2006. Vertebrate Paleontology, Villanova University, Biology 7970 (lecture and laboratory course).

Unless otherwise stated, the following were laboratory courses offered by the Department of Biological Sciences, University of Calgary.

2002-2005. Comparative anatomy (labs, substitute lectures)

2005. Vertebrate palaeozoology.

2004, 1997-1999. Introductory botany and zoology

2001-2003. Field instruction in vertebrate palaeontology. Royal Tyrrell Museum Field Experience Program.

2003. Human anatomy and embryology (peer instruction).

2003, 2001. Biology of birds and mammals.

2002. Biology of fish, amphibians, and reptiles (fish section, physiology lectures, 2002)


All of these were for instruction at the University of Calgary, except for the Royal Tyrrell Museum award.

2005. Faculty of Graduate Studies Outstanding Contribution to Teaching Award. For comparative anatomy and zoology.

2003. Department of Biological Sciences Teaching Award. Honorable mention. For lab instruction (comparative anatomy).

2002. Representative graduate student, Biological Students Association Careers Night. For mentoring and instruction.

2002. Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology Award. For contribution to museum educational programs.

1998. Student Union Teaching Excellence nomination. For best course instructor (introductory botany and zoology).



Graduate students:

2008. Michael James, University of Alberta M.Sc. candidate. Biomechanics of champsosaur and crocodilian feeding.

2007-2008. Victoria Arbour. University of Alberta M.Sc. Anatomy and function of ankylosaur tail clubs.

2007-2008. Phil Bell. University of Alberta Ph.D. candidate. Feeding function of herbivorous dinosaurs.

2007-2008. Derek Larson. University of Alberta M.Sc. candidate. Palaeoecology of microvertebrate sites, Milk River Formation, Alberta.

2007-2008. Lara Shychoski. University of Alberta Ph.D. candidate. Dinosaur functional and developmental morphology.

2007-2008. Miriam Reichel, University of Alberta Ph.D. candidate. Anatomy and function of carnivorous dinosaur teeth.



2008-2009. Darrin Molinaro, University of Alberta. Physical modeling of tooth function in Tyrannosaurus rex.

2008. Tetsuto Miyashita, University of Alberta. Finite element analysis of crab predation on snails.

2008. Laurel McKee, University of Calgary. Raptor neck and hyolingual function during feeding.

2004-2006. Natalie Kuca. University of Calgary. Muscle anatomy and illustration of dinosaurs.

2003-2006. Katrin Hammer, Sara Hollihan, Magdalene Leung, Jessica Malcom. Vertebrate dissection volunteers.



2006. Lecture critiques and consultation with Dr. Carol Weiss, Villanova Institute for Teaching and Learning. Villanova University.

2006. Teaching consultations with Dr. Russell Gardiner, Head of Department of Biology, Villanova University.




2005-. Prospecting and collecting of ceratopsian bonebed and articulated hadrosaur specimens, Oldman Formation, near Manyberries, Alberta.


2009-. Recovering additional material of critical specimens. Under permit of François Therrien (RTMP), co-led by Tetsuto Miyashita and Darrin Molinaro.

2003-2004. Albertosaurus bone bed, Dry Island Buffalo Jump Provincial Park.

2002-2003. Systematic collection of isolated elements for palaeoecological survey, Horseshoe Canyon Formation.

2002. Eotriceratops skeleton, Horseshoe Canyon Formation.

2001-2002. Hadrosaur and Pachyrhinosaurus skeletons, Dinosaur Provincial Park.

2001. Centrosaurus brinkmani bonebed, Dinosaur Provincial Park.



2009. Thesis examining committee. Kirstin Brink. University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta.

2009. Thesis examining committee. Samantha Zimmerman. Case Western University, Cleveland, Ohio.

2009. Grant reviewer for Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation). 2009.

Ph.D. examining committee. Colin McHenry. University of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.

2008-9. Convening board. Frenchman Formation Terrestrial Ecosystems Conference, 2009. Eastend, Saskatchewan.

2007. M.Sc. examining committee. Angelo Milicia, Villanova University, Pennsylvania, USA.

2006-2007. Graduate council, Department of Biology, Villanova University.

2004. Student representative, University of Calgary Dean of Science search committee.



Acta Palaeontologia Polonica

The Anatomical Record (six reviews)

Bulletin of the New Mexico Museum Of Natural History and Science

Evolutionary Biology

Journal of Biomechanics

Journal of Experimental Zoology

Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology

Journal of Zoology

Lethaia (three reviews)


Palaeontologica Electronica




Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Proceedings of the Royal Society B Biological Sciences

Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society

Book: The Horned Dinosaurs

Book: Dinosaur Provincial Park



Society of Vertebrate Paleontology

International Society of Vertebrate Morphology

Canadian Society of Zoologists



2009. Research on flying and terrestrial predatory birds profiled in the Discovery Channel series Mega-Beasts.

2008. Research on dinosaur teeth profiled on Daily Planet television series, Discovery Canada.

2007-2008. Interviews about pachycephalosaur head-butting and tyrannosaur skulls, Quirks and Quarks radio series, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

2004-2007. Co-presenter on wildlife rehabilitation (with Oberon the great horned owl) for Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society.

2006. Bird and large theropod research profiled in On Campus magazine.

2004-2005. Presenter on dinosaurs for Calgary Science Network, Kindergarten- Grade 2 in Calgary schools.

2005. Tyrannosaur and bird neck research profiled on Daily Planet television series, Discovery Canada.

2005. Invited address. Jaws of death, feet of turkeys? T. rex invites you to Alberta’s badlands playground. Talk to Canadian Poultry and Egg Processors Council convention, Calgary, Alberta.

2004. Avian and palaeontological research profiled for Today's Dinosaurs, German documentary series. J.M. Schumacher, producer.

2004. Fieldwork and paleontological education with Royal Tyrrell Museum profiled in On Campus Magazine.

2004. Invited address. Super deadly killer dinosaurs? T. rex’s biomechanical truce with incompetence. Talk to Alberta Palaeontological Society/Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists Lecture series.

2004. Neck musculature of Tyrannosaurus rex. Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology Research Days.

2003. Research profiled in Kelsey E. 2003. Candian Dinosaurs. Maple Tree Press. Toronto. 2003.

“T. rex and turtle skulls: the research life of a zoology grad student.” University of Calgary Open house, with Heather Jamniczky.

2003. Interview in Kitchner/Watterloo Record, about tyrannosaur research presented at Canadian Society of Zoologists Annual Meeting.

2003. Invited address. “What’s your sign, beautiful?” at 200dB: Sexual selection in giant sauropod dinosaurs. Talk to Alberta Palaeontological Society.

2002. Tyrannosaurid and avian feeding. Radio interviews, CBC Radio 1 in Calgary and Edmonton. Newspaper interview, Calgary Herald.

2001. Interview in June l’Ordinateur Individuel. Boucq, I. Les dinosaurs, du jurassique au numérique.

2000. Invited address. Saurischian dinosaurs: romance and mayhem in the Mesozoic. Talk to Royal Tyrrell Museum Field Experience staff and participants.



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