Self-Development Resources:

There are several emerging resources on the internet that are mostly free and amazingly helpful. Although they require time and self-motivation, I personally think that the results are rewarding. Several resources I either have used or am planning to use are:


- Udacity (Cofounded by the director of the Google X Lab, Dr. Sebastian Thrun, it offers currently (April 2012) computer science classes only. My impression is that the ultimate goal is to create a curriculum to become an online university. There are several features that create an immersive learning environment such as short quizzes, an online Python editor and an active community of users.)

- Coursera (Courses are taught by instructors from several universities such as Stanford, Princeton and Penn State. A variety of courses are available under several domains.)

- MITx

- SEE (Stanford Engineering Everywhere)

- Khan Academy (Very useful video lectures that are relatively short and explanatory.)

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