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My name is Eric Gehlbach and this summer semester is my last semester of school here at Ohio University.
I am 22 and am graduating with a degree in Management Information Systems. I am a member of Pi Kappa Phi
here at Ohio University. Some of my hobbies include Racquetball, Tennis, Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball,
pretty much I just like to be active.

Some of the other things I enjoy are travelling and meeting people from different cultures. This summer
I will travelled to Costa Rica to visit a friend. We visited the rainforest and some of the beaches.
It was an amazing experience to be in the city of Quepos watching Costa Rica play. I will also be
travelling to Canada this summer to go to my family's cottage. Typically we go up there to fish, swim,
kayak, etc.

I have some experience with web site development in class. We coded pages using Microsoft Visual Web
Developer specifically using C#. This was probably the most difficult thing and most time consuming
class I have ever taken. This was largely due to my prior lack of experience; I am excited to learn
much more about the HTML structure, this class probably would have been very helpful to learn before
using C# because I remember being totally lost when we had to use cascading style sheets.

This is a link to my MIS 3200 Portfolio
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